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Water Treatment Chemicals

The products in our “AccuTreat” group are designed to control and correct mineral scaling and corrosion problems in heat transfer equipment. We can provide programs for the effective treatment of steam boilers, closed loops and cooling towers. We will survey your systems and present a proposal for an “AccuTreat” program specifically tailored to control operating problems and maximize system efficiency.

Steam Boilers and Hot Water Loops

water treatment equipment

Because of their ongoing need for water, steam boilers require continuous treatment to control scale formation on the heat exchange surfaces and control oxygen corrosion inside the boiler. Condensate systems require additional corrosion protection.

Under normal conditions closed loops require very little make-up water unless sections are drained for repair work. Maintaining an adequate level of an effective corrosion inhibitor will typically be all that is required for efficient operation. Sludge dispersants and microbiocides may be needed to return neglected systems to proper operation prior to initiating a treatment program.

Cooling Tower Treatment

water treatment

We can provide treatment programs for the effective control of mineral scaling, metal corrosion and microbiological contamination. Chemical control equipment can automatically regulate cooling tower blowdown and accurately meter dosages of treatment chemicals. This saves time, greatly simplifies operator duties, and helps ensure that the program operates as designed.

Key Water Treatment Products


A multi-functional treatment for boiler water alkalinity and scale control, and sludge dispersant action in one easy-to-use formulation.


A liquid oxygen scavenger for boiler corrosion inhibition.


A neutralizing amine treatment for corrosion inhibition in steam return lines and condensate systems.


A nitrite-based corrosion control and sludge dispersant designed for both hot and cold closed recirculating systems.


A multi-functional treatment for scale inhibition, sludge dispersion and corrosion control in open recirculating water systems.


An effective microbiological control treatment for open recirculating systems to control algae and slime growth throughout the system.

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