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Vehicle Wash

AccuChem has a full line of vehicle cleaning products that meet the needs of the carwash operator. Flexibility is a key feature with many our products. We have products that are suitable for touchless wash, wand wash and foamer application all in one. This helps save space and lower inventory costs, and aids in streamlining operations. We take the time to work with the carwash operator to fully understand their needs, and to design a chemical program to give the results that will keep the customer coming back. It is essential that consistent chemical control is maintained in order to give consistent cleaning performance. We can offer product dilution control equipment that can enhance operator convenience and simplify the maintenance of cost-effective performance. AccuChem’s products for Touchless Automatics also work in Self-Serve Wand Washs. Your AccuChem sales representative will ensure the product works effectively in your operational set-up.


The DuoTech System provides separate road film cutter and detergent solutions at maximum strength to provide optimal performance and efficiency. The DuoTech product line offers high pressure soap and pre-soaks with coloured and fragranced options as well as liquid and powder road film cutting options.
duo tech system

Touchless Automatics


AccuTergeTech-70 is very effective as a presoak and detergent in 'touchless' carwash applications. It works well in both hard and soft water areas, and is suitable for use in recycled water systems.

AccuBerry and DuoTech PreSoak are very effective presoaks that provide colour and fragrance options. Step-One has an acid blend designed to be used as the first step in the “Two Step Presoak” concept that has become very popular in touchless automatic carwashes.

car back side


AccuFoam and TruFoam is fragranced high-foaming product that produces mounds of rich, lubricating foam that gently and effectively lifts road grime and leaves a truly clean surface. TruFoam is available in three colours suitable for tri-foam application.

Waxes, Rinse Aids and Drying Agents
Waxes, rinse aids and drying agents all leave a water-repelling shine on the vehicle surface that brings its true colour and provides a water beading action to facilitate rapid and spot free drying. UltraCherryDrying Agent is highly concentrated and has a pleasant cherry fragrance. FoamWax is fragranced and available in three colours for triple foam application.

Self-Serve Wand Wash

High Pressure Soap

AccuPower, Titan II, AccuTergeC are superior detergent products with an exceptionally high level of active. AccuTerge, AccuTergeTech 70, and Steam N Clean are phosphate-free alternatives.

In addition to non-fragranced AccuTerge Tech 20, AccuFresh, DuoTechTire and Engine, and DuoTech PreSoak have fragrance and colour options for enhanced customer appeal.

Foam Brush
AccuTerge, AccuFoam and TruFoam are all very effective in foam brush applications providing ample foam to lift road film and provide lubricity to protect the vehicle surface.

Waxes, Rinse Aids and Drying Agents
AccuChem has many options for waxes, rinse aids and drying agents for the wand wash. The high concentration of Super Dry makes it a very cost effective non-fragranced drying agent. Bubble N Shine is a carnauba wax product with a bubble gum fragrance. BerryShine is a spraywax with a pleasant berry fragrance.

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