H2S Scavangers and Encapsulants

Oilfield production wastes are often contaminated with hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, and require treatment prior to transportation to a disposal facility. We have several scavengers available that will effectively reduce these contaminants to safe levels for handling and disposal.


This is a versatile liquid hydrogen sulfide scavenger that will react irreversibly to produce water-soluble reaction products that will not release hydrogen sulfide as the pH is reduced. It is freeze-protected with a pour point below -40C.

Odour Treat

This versatile product will not only effectively remove odours due to hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, but will also bind with and neutralize a range of other odorous chemicals produced by rotting garbage and organic wastes.

Vessel and Tank Cleaning

Oilfield storage tanks typically have H2S and hydrocarbon vapour concentrations that must be reduced prior to inspection and cleaning procedures. Hydrocarbon encapsulants are employed, frequently with additional H2S scavengers, to accomplish these goals.

Safe Suds

This is an environmentally-friendly cleaner that will encapsulate hydrocarbon vapours and scavenge hydrogen sulfide residuals when injected during tank cleaning operations. It is often added to vacuum trucks along with additional scavenger prior to taking on contaminated produced water.


This highly-caustic cleaner is designed for the hot circulation cleaning of equipment associated with oil and gas production equipment such as amine towers. It effectively removes asphaltenes, sludges, sulfides and polymerized hydrocarbon residues.

Rig and Equipment Cleaners

We have versatile cleaners and degreasers that are very effective for general oilfield cleaning around drilling rigs, wellheads, wireline trucks and other well service equipment. Heavy oils, greases and invert drilling fluids can be easily removed.


This solvent-based presoak is formulated to cut through heavy oil and grease accumulations prior to steam cleaning or pressure washing.

Torque CC-1

This water-based biodegradable non-phosphate cleaner is very effective for the removal of invert drilling fluids and general oil and grease removal around oilfield operations.

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