Commercial and Industrial Alkaline Cleaning Agents

Located in Edmonton, AccuChem Industrial Cleaning Chemicals supplies cleaners and detergents to industries throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of British Columbia. Our products clean and maintain equipment for oilfield, manufacturing, car wash and transportation industries.

Hot-Tank Chemicals

Our "AccuStrip" products are designed to remove oil, grease, paint, pipe dope and carbonized residues from ferrous metals through a hot-tank soaking process. Due to the extreme alkalinity of this cleaning method it cannot be used to clean components made of soft metals such as aluminum, zinc and their alloys.

Typical applications are in the oilfield rental equipment industry for cleaning wellhead equipment and downhole tools. Another main application area is in the automotive rebuilding industry for cleaning blocks, heads and other ferrous metal components prior to rebuild.

Parts Washer Chemicals

"AccuSpray" products from AccuChem Industrial Cleaning Chemicals are extremely low-foaming inhibited alkaline cleaners designed specifically for high-temperature parts washing in spray cabinet systems. The major application for these products is in the automotive transmission rebuilding market in Edmonton and Western Canada. This cleaning procedure can be safely used on both steel and aluminum components, and is a safe alternative to the use of flammable or hazardous solvents.

Metal Parts Cleaning Chemicals

AccuStrip AB

AccuStrip AB is a two component product approach designed for the cleaning of ferrous metals in a hot-tank soaking process. It is a highly caustic system and must not be used for cleaning of soft metals and alloys of aluminum, zinc or magnesium. It will effectively remove oils, greases, carbonized residues, varnishes and paints.

AccuSpray NF

AccuSpray NF is an alkaline detergent formulated for parts cleaning in spray-washer systems typically known as 'Typhoon' or 'Proceco' washers. AccuSpray NF has been formulated to be extremely low-foaming under actual use conditions to provide efficient cleaning action.

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