Car Wash Chemicals

AccuChem Industrial Cleaning Chemicals offers a full line of vehicle cleaning products that meet the needs of the car wash operator for the self-serve coin-op market, automatic tunnel wash systems, and the latest frictionless automatic car washes. We take the time to work with the car wash operator to fully understand their needs, and to design a chemical program to give the results that will keep the customer coming back. Based in Edmonton, we serve Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

It is essential that consistent chemical control is maintained in order to give consistent cleaning performance. We can offer product dilution control equipment that can enhance operator convenience and simplify the maintenance of cost-effective performance.

Powder and Liquid Detergents

We offer powder and liquid detergents that will give effective road film removal in hard or soft water and are safe to use on the finest automobile finishes. Our mild foamy-brush detergents gently float away dirt and grime, leaving a clean surface for wax application. We have several premium-quality spray waxes that will increase customer satisfaction by adding a lustrous sheen to the vehicle while producing a pleasant cherry fragrance in the car wash.

Road film is no match for our high-powered touchless presoaks. Now you can effortlessly provide cleaning performance comparable to the best high-pressure wand washes. Intense coloured triple-foam waxes and concentrated drying agents offer increased customer appeal with the premium wash selections.

Touchless Automatics Chemicals

AccuTerge Tech 70

AccuTerge “Tech-70” is very effective as a presoak and detergent in 'touchless' carwash applications. It works well in both hard and soft water areas, and is suitable for use in recycled water systems.

Ultracherry Drying Agent

Ultracherry Drying Agent is a pleasantly-fragranced concentrated drying agent used in the final step of the full-service or touchless automatic carwash. It has an extremely fast and effective beading action which causes water to drain rapidly from the vehicle service and dramatically reduce drying time.

Self-serve Wand Wash


AccuPower is a superior pressure washer detergent formulated with an exceptionally high level of active ingredients. AccuPower is a specially-balanced formulation that works well on heavy-duty truck wash applications but is safe to use on the finest automobile finishes.


AccuWash is a general cleaner that is gentle on cars and trucks but tough on road grime and dirt. AccuWash can help to reveal the true colour and shine of a vehicle's paint.


TruFoam is a high-foaming liquid detergent for use in carwash applications in both the self-serve 'foamy-brush' and tunnel wash systems using conventional rotating brushes or the newer soft-cloth process. TruFoam produces mounds of rich, lubricating foam that gently and effectively lifts road grime and leaves a truly clean surface for wax applications.

Bubble N Shine

Bubble N Shine is a premium-quality carnauba spray wax with a pleasant bubblegum fragrance. It has an extremely fast and effective 'beading' action, which causes water to rapidly drain from the vehicles surface to speed up drying.

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