Acidic Cleaners

AccuChem Industrial Cleaning Chemicals offers several acidic cleaners that are widely used where inorganic scale and corrosion deposits must be removed from vehicles and equipment. We have products that are designed for the removal of pitting and oxidation from aluminum, stainless steel or painted trucks and trailers leaving an even brighter finish. We can restore the highly-polished finish without the traditional "whitening" effect commonly seen with ordinary aluminum brighteners. And being based in Edmonton, we can quickly and efficiently supply most of Western Canada.

Scale and Cement Removal

Our acidic cleaners make it possible to clean and restore surfaces and equipment. Mineral scale and cement deposits can be safely removed without harm to painted surfaces. Rust and corrosion can be removed from ferrous metals leaving an ideal base for priming and painting. Hard water scale can be easily removed from boilers, cooling towers, humidifiers, steam generating equipment and pressure washers.

Acidic Corrosion Removers

The primary application for these products is the transportation industry for cleaning and brightening aluminum trucks and trailers. The following are key products for this market:


This fluoride-based acidic cleaner will tackle the most heavily weathered and corroded aluminum surfaces and wheels and return them to an even matt finish that can then be polished to a high shine if desired. Not recommended for polished aluminum.


When used as directed this non-fluoride acidic cleaner will safely restore the shine to polished aluminum and will not cause the “whitening effect” seen with many competitive products.

Mineral Scale and Cement Removal

These products are typically used for mineral scale removal from heating coils in pressure washers, steam cleaners and building heating and cooling systems. They are also very effective for cement removal in the ready-mix market and the oilfield service industry.

AccuTreat SA-30

This unique low-pH organic salt behaves like a typical acidic descaler, but is non-fuming and non-corrosive to skin and steel when tested in accordance with WHMIS and TDG regulations. It is a great replacement for the hazardous acids normally used for scale removal.


This is a biodegradable organic acid blend that breaks the internal bonds in the cement matrix to form an easily-removed “mud” that can easily be removed by brushing or pressure washing. It is non-corrosive to aluminum, steel, painted surfaces, glass plastics or rubber and can safely be left in prolonged contact for heavier deposit removal without risking harm to the surface. Download the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for additional information.

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