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Oilfield Specialties

oilfield truck

The oilfield requires a range of chemical products, from heavy oil and bitumen cleaning and removal, to cement cleaners to hydrogen sulfide scavengers and hydrocarbon encapsulants. AccuChem has products for these diverse requirements.

H2S Scavengers and Hydrocarbon (LEL) Encapsulants

Oilfield production wastes are often contaminated with hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, and require treatment prior to transportation to a disposal facility. Production wastes can also generate flammable headspaces from BTEX and other volatile hydrocarbons (LEL) when stored or transported. We have several products available that will effectively reduce these contaminants to safe levels for handling and disposal. Scrub-It is a concentrated and freeze protected irreversible hydrogen sulfide scavenger for scrubber and vac truck sweetening applications. SourSolve is an irreversible hydrogen sulfide scavenger for use in low-water hydrocarbon based fluids. 

LEL encapsulants keep the BTEX and other volatile hydrocarbons in the water phase of production waste and out of the headspace above the liquid. This lowers the lower explosion limit and the risk of fire. Knock-Out is a freeze protected, dual function product designed for tank and vessel cleaning applications where contamination from both volatile hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide are present. Knock-Out can also be used to treat contaminated produced wastewaters as they are drawn into vacuum trucks for hauling and disposal. Safe-Suds is an environmentally-friendly, high foaming cleaner that will scavenge hydrocarbon vapours and hydrogen sulfide residuals when injected into tank cleaning operations. It may also be added to vacuum trucks as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger to sweeten produced water prior to disposal.

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Rig and Equipment Cleaners

We have versatile cleaners and degreasers that are very effective for general oilfield cleaning around drilling rigs, wellheads, wireline trucks and other well service equipment. Heavy oils, greases and invert drilling fluids can be easily removed. Rigmaster is a powdered detergent product that is very effective in general rig cleaning.

Torque CC-1 is water-based biodegradable non-phosphate cleaner that is very effective for the removal of invert drilling fluids and general oil and grease removal around oilfield operations. AccuSolve is a solvent-based presoak formulated to cut through heavy oil and grease accumulations prior to steam cleaning or pressure washing.

Circulation Cleaning

AccuStrip is highly-caustic cleaner is designed for the hot circulation cleaning of equipment associated with oil and gas production equipment such as amine towers. It effectively removes asphaltenes, sludges, sulfides and polymerized hydrocarbon residues.

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