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Industrial Specialties

AccuChem’s broad product line contains products that are very effective in a range of industrial applications in the transportation, oil and gas service, manufacturing, building maintenance and construction industries to name a few.

Release Agents

Surface lubricants provide a non-stick surface that have a variety of applications. Slick prevents freezing and sticking in truck boxes used in waste and snow removal. Lube-It is an asphalt release agent for the paving industry. Release It is a form release agent designed for user friendly indoor use.

Rekease Agent
hot tank cleaner

Hot Tank Chemicals

Our “AccuStrip” products are designed for the removal of oils, greases, paint, pipe dope and carbonized residues from ferrous metals by a hot-tank soaking process. Due to the extreme alkalinity of this cleaning method it cannot be used to clean components made of soft metals such as aluminum, zinc and their alloys. Typical applications are in the oilfield rental equipment industry and the automotive rebuilding industry.
spray washer detergent

Spray Cabinet Washer

Our “AccuSpray” products are extremely low-foaming inhibited alkaline cleaners designed specifically for high-temperature parts washing in spray cabinet systems. The major application for these products is in the automotive transmission rebuilding market. This cleaning procedure can be safely used on both steel and aluminum components, and is a safe alternative to the use of flammable or hazardous solvents.

Cooler Cleaning

EnviroDet and Torque CC1 are powerful multi-purpose degreasers that perform particularly well in fin fan cleaning. These products contain detergents that provide superior wetting allowing the product to reach areas with limited and restricted access. Product application is typically done by foaming a 20 to 30 to 1 dilution directly onto the fin fan surfaces.

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