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Cleaners & Degreasers

degreasing a truck

AccuChem has a broad range of cleaners and degreasers, both water-based and solvent-based, which can meet the cleaning requirements of a diverse range of industries such as transportation, oilfield services and general industrial manufacturing.

Water-Based Cleaners and Degreasers

Our "AccuClean" products are a range of water-based industrial cleaners and degreasers that have been designed to meet the cleaning requirements for a wide variety of industrial soils. HyTech2000 is a user friendly, non-corrosive mildly-alkaline, biodegradable and phosphate free detergent formulation that is safe to use on painted surfaces and is an excellent choice for cleaning in confined spaces. Torque CC1 is an alkaline, biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaner and degreaser that can be used for the removal of a wide range of oily and greasy industrial soils from walls, floors and other hard surfaces. It is very effective for the removal of exhaust smoke stains, and may also be used as a general water-based degreaser for rig cleaning applications.

Solvent-Based Degreasers

AccuChem’s “AccuSolve” solvent degreasers are solvent-based degreasers designed for the removal of hydrocarbon based industrial soils in applications where water based cleaners are not effective or efficient.
The products are widely used in the oilfield service industry for cleaning wellheads, storage tanks, transportation equipment and service rigs. “AccuSolve” products are very effective presprays to remove tar and asphalt from vehicles and equipment prior to steam cleaning or pressure washing. Oil King, EcoSol and CitroSol utilize powerful natural renewable sourced solvents for increased cutting power and user friendliness.

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EcoLogo Certified Products

EcoLogo Certified

This group of products has passed the strict environmental, sustainability, performance and safety requirements for Ecologo certification. Their cleaning performance has been certified by an independent, accredited laboratory to meet the stringent certification standards. They represent an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious buyer and can boost an organization’s “triple bottom line”. EnviroClean 363 is a water-based cleaner and degreaser designed for use on floors, walls, and other hard surfaces not harmed by water. 

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